30 August 2008

1yr 4 mth anniversary


NOKIA 6500


26 August 2008

life is boring

i am toatlly boring now.
i don wan to study lor..
sianz liao lor.
really nth to do..
watching wif serene toh
wao lao
very ex lor...

in sch now

now lesson..
don feel like studying..
wanna slp..


dear dear say today will come fetch mi frm sch
so happy...

in sch now

25 August 2008

dear RENA

as u request
i have come to blog.
really nth much to say for tis week lor..
tt day almost break up wif my guy
for donnoe wat reason lor..
den in the end we nv
cos we let the unhappiness past away.
i feel better now. now at his hse..
i wanna buy a new dress..
but i cnt find one tt i like.
so sad lor.. wanna buy cloth

missing tomatocherrie darling, kerou dearest, rena babe, hui ling aiai, kath dear.

but of cos

19 August 2008


i will be MIA in blog...
wanna find mi
either sms mi,
friendster comment.
msn i will not use tt offen..

i will be update my blog every sat
due to my company com don noe y
cant log in to blog
tink got error la
don noe

today i wear contact lens
it tear inside my eye
omg i have a hard time taking out lor
wow let dar dar noe
he sure scold mi like siao
cos he don like i wear
let him noe
i die..

i have open i blogshop
not selling cloth
but gift.
it still in process
when it done i will give u all my link

13 August 2008

being old school is fun

mayb u guys say
the song is .......
i like
cos the lyrics is touching
wanna share wif u guy jus clink the link
ya i noe is very old sch
old sch is my song for the period of the time...
the song r older den mi

here the lyrice for when i need u

When I need you
I just close my eyes and Im with you
And all that I so want to give you
Its only a heartbeat away
When I need love
I hold out my hands and I touch love
I never knew there was so much love
Keeping me warm night and day
Miles and miles of empty space in between us
The telephone cant take the place of your smile
But you know I wont be travelin forever
Its cold out, but hold out, and do I like I do
When I need you
I just close my eyes and Im with you
And all that I so wanna give you babe
Its only a heartbeat away
Its not easy when the road is your driver
Honey thats a heavy load that we bear
But you know I wont be traveling a lifetime
Its cold out but hold out and do like I doOh, I need you
When I need loveI hold out my hands and I touch loveI never knew there was so much love
Keeping me warm night and day
When I need youI just close my eyes
And youre right here by my side
Keeping me warm night and day
I just hold out my handsI just hold out my hand
And Im with you darlin
Yes, Im with you darlin
All I wanna give you
Its only a heartbeat away
Oh I need you darling

emiline is taller den mi!!

today i went to eat BK wif emiline..
den we go shop shop
she brought a HIGH heel
really high lor..
she keep say
she is taller den the guy.
ya.. not need say oso taller den mi..

nth to rite

don noe wat to rite today..
so i did not wan say much lor..

11 August 2008

cherrie mistake

here wat she say....

"i brim toilet to toilet, scare drop into toilet."

she actually wan to say..

i brim hp to toilet, scare drop into toilet..

tis time is i catch u say wrong ting..
last time the
dinner become lunch

to the idiot fucker in my tag box

don come my tag box write shit
scold mi idiot for wat??
ur father mother give u name
u don noe wat is call respect them ar??
don dare put ur real name den keep ur mouth shut up
i supermodel ornot. not ur problem
i noe u don have the figure.
no need like tt talk lor.
wat not happy can talk
who the hell wan talk to u
don even dare to put ur name
don ask mi talk to u
don act 1 ah lian
in my blog


saturday, 080808
mi, my dar, yt, serene's dar, serene, lin beibei, dine..
the 7 of us went to sentosa..
i still in slping mood lei.
should i go in detail??
hmmm alittle ba.
we did not take any pic when
we were at there mayb too lazy or wat ba..
after the fun..
we went to bath..
the guy have to wait outside fot us to
finish our MAKE UP!!
sorry.. tt gal!!

here r some photo take at vivo toilet
once again, the guy have to wait for us finish taking photo
b4 we go out..
u noe..
toilet is gal fav spot of taking photo

tt serene come into the picture when i take

so i take another one w/o her

inside bus on the way to vivo

q'in up, and being funny

seriously i don even noe tt guy behide mi
i found out he in the pic after at home when
i review the photo

mi n serene, i noe it a bit blur

the 4 gals, w/o the guys

i don noe y i like this pic..
mayb i look like a jie jie
bringing her mei mei go out ba
am i to0 old??

lin beibei n i

mirror reflection

tis is a SNAPSHOT!!
after tt we went to vivo den condory(i tink i spell wrong, serious i don noe hoe to spell)
the cake were nice...

07 August 2008

ya i okie le

don worry my gal frenz
i fine now!!!

my predict for tml

ya i noe
problem lies wif u!!

tis my predict for tml

i leave hse,
go his hse,
e topic will nv start tml,
cos he will slp,
den no more..
or he will say
let start all over again
ytd was my fault...... etc

if u love mi

quote by mi

if u love mi, u will nv hurt mi
if u love mi, u will nv make mi cry
if u love mi, u will trust mi
if u love mi, u will not shout at mi
if u love mi, u will nv thrown temper at mi
if u love mi, u will nv hide ting frm mi
if u love mi, u will keep ur promises

for all of guy
i choose u
tt mean i love u
which oso hint u tt
wat ever it is
i will b there wif u

u nv noe how much u hurt mi
y mus u do tt
u fear i will leave u
even i say i wont
u still don believe

y mus u hurt mi
i noe i might not like ur x
mayb they r better
i don noe
the only ting i noe is i jus love u

i did not meant to give u fear
stress, trouble
i mean no harm
but i did not noe tt
waill cos u so much pain

i really sorry for hurting u
mayb is tt incident
i not at tt time i was not so stable
ever since i stay wif u
i noe wat is
go through ting tgt

even i am bao dao at time
even i being nonsence
i jus wan u to noe
u r already in my heart
noone can ever replace

u scare i leave u
i don get it
even u believe
u still fear
im sorry to let u have tt fear

tis mi
tis my life
my way of living is different
frm u
frm the start
i already told u
we come frm different world


don say to mi tis line "FORGET IT BA"

i hate tis line
don ever say tis line to mi
really don say tis line to mi
i really don like it

u say one more of tis
u try

i holdin my tears

i holding my tears now..
i don wan to cry outside..
u r e one who make mi cry!!
i tink we no need talk any more le la.
u have ur fear
ur fear don mean tt
u have to thrown ur temper
at mi...
tis is wat u rite to mi:
if u think that i have never been truthful to u
den nvm ba
forget it la
no point in talking
more talk=more quarrell

talk more = more quarrell
den don talk lor..
no talk = no quarrell

im sorry for giving u tt fear
im sorry for not letting u to trust mi

as predicted

as predicted
u did find quarrell
but tis time u don even wan talk
jus forget it
forget it ba
forever tis line..
i too sian to tis line le
got better line ma??

here is my little note:
i nv angry u for more den one day!!!
unless u really too much like ytd

next time pls read carefully b4 u come n say mi
i say MAYB
read, it all in eng!!
u fail ur eng ar??

again and again

we quarrell again, y lei??
cos i told u my frenz take my phone c ur photo.
u mus tink of wat happened at tt time ma..
and u say tt time i promise i wont let ppl c..
den i noe u ytd tired.. temper not good.
but u like alway temper not good will come shout at mi
mayb u did not notice ba.
u only notice i shout at u.
give u attitude.
i already say sorry when talking wif u on phone..
is u to0 tired, ear already shut down,
and keep say
"u promise mi wat, wat if in the phone got personal photo... etc"
mayb i did, mayb i did not get ur point, mayb i don understand.
everytime u tired, got bad temper, shouted at mi liao,
at nite u msg mi say sorry etc..
u not sian i hear, c till sian liao.
clear wat misunderstanding??
is promise ba.. we 2 got wat misunderstanding?
need mi list down e ting u promise mi ma?

1. u will come fetch mi from work, acc mi go home
2. u will come fetch mi from sch, acc mi go home
3. brim mi go out
4. sat pei mi go sentosa
5. nv make mi cry
6. nv rise ur voice at mi
7. rite comment for mi
8. pei mi go bugis
9. cnt hide ting frm mi

ya i agree tt ay time i nv keep my promise,
but i did try, mayb u did try, but to mi,
u will alway give excuses to break it.
u tired, u not feeling well etc..
u sick very long hor.. ya, mayb is sick to0 long, till ur brain spoil liao,
ask u take care don wan la..
i already say till i lazy le.
mayb u c le tis blog u will come quarrell wif mi
but i stilll have to rite give u c
i don wish to rite le..
the more i rite the more i sian

let mi continue.. the time is....
ytd wanna tel u ting de,
but u hang up the phone. forget it ba
mayb u were to0 anxious to slp.
forget it ba..
i hate tis line!!
cos tt is the line u alway say to mi
tis line mean u don even wan to care.
really don wan care.
mayb our relationship not tt strong.
mayb at time i feel u like take ting for granted
mayb we come frm the different kind of family background
mayb u don really trust mi
mayb u don wanna hurt mi tt y hide ting frm mi
mayb at time we to0 care for each other till we hurt each other w/o knowing
mayb one fine day we can sit down talk ba
mayb i give u to0 much stress le
there so many mayb....

if u really love someone
u wont care her past
u will trust her 100%
nv duobt her in everyting

if u really love her
u wont thrown temper at her
shout at her

a gal is very simple
she jus wan u to love her
dote her,
in ur heart there only got her
nv doubt her
treat her well
and she will treat u 2x, 3x or more
but when she noe tt u not in good mood
she will try her very best to cheer u up
she will tolarate ur bad temper

but when she give up
is really give up
noone noe
in her heart
blood is flowing
taking over her tears..

dare to love like u nv get hurt b4
dare to dance like noone watching
dare to sing like noone listening
dare to cry like noone seeing
dare to live ur life to the fullest like today is the end of day
dare to do any ting like there noone there to scold u

things i nv say did not mean tt i don noe..
we been tgt for so long le..
wat u tinkin i still don noe
is i jus don wan say.
mayb i might get it wrong
but tt is wat i tink..

end at 1245

06 August 2008


i goin broke again..
i need to save $$ tis mth..
my target for tis mth hopfully can save
or i no $$
dar goin army le..
when he in army..
i don wan him give mi $$
to spent..
so need to save..
plus my sch fee oso..
next yr
i goin to find part time job!!


i now at work place..
so sian..
don feel like doin work today.
too tired le..

ytd my darling in newspaper again..
so i took the photo..
and blog today..
the photographer don noe how to take photo de..

04 August 2008

i miss my baby

i miss u so much..
fri no work i go find u
i miss u so much..
u goin army le..
i admit i feel very sad abt it..
but wat can tt do??
u still need to go..
can don go?
i really don bear u to go

cherrie misses

ytd saw cherrie,
she at my hse near by sing
of cos..
her naughty gal
go down support le..
did not take any photo..
miss her so much lor..

01 August 2008

i in a slping mood

ytd, waiting to go down bai bai..
in room bo liao take photo..
lazy to upload so many..
only uplaod 3..

POOH say "HI" to everyone!!

long time since i take a photo..
but cnt.. mus wait the time go
down bai bai..

tis is my specssssss..
i got 3 worz..
one is when i move in to my dar hse
he buy for mi de..

i really miss the days staying with him..
staying at his hse..
hug him slp..
yao bu shi i foolish
trying to kill myself
end up in hospital
i wont move back hm..
i really miss him so much..
the way he hug mi to slp..
give mi my good nite kiss..
sayang mi yo slp..